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TOC mission for environmental and wastewater analysis
TOC vs. BOD & COD - find out why the future belongs to TOC as a safer and more environmentally friendly parameter in our whitepaper.
The Elementar TOC Mission
When it comes to accurately measuring TOC in environmental and wastewater, our mission is to make work as stress-free and efficient as possible for you.
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On a great mission

When it comes to accurately measuring total organic carbon, our mission is to make your working life easier. We asked more than 1,000 laboratory employees about their challenges in environmental and wastewater analysis. Using user-unfriendly and inefficient technology leads to measurement inaccuracy, device failures or increased workloads that make the working day-to-day a challenge. Our mission is to change that. The result: THE ELEMENTAR TOC MISSION!

Wastewater analysis


TOC and TNb are important indicators in the process of wastewater treatment. There are now a number of regulations, both in the EU and worldwide, that define the permissible values for TOC and TNb from wastewater treatment plants. In our laboratory surveys, accurate analysis of TOC and TNb levels in particularly saline solutions, particulate-containing samples and solids were among the biggest challenges. Large, stable particles must be digested, saline samples lead to corrosion, and sedimentation and ash deposits cause increased and usually complicated maintenance. To fully digest these samples and ensure high quality results, these samples may need to be exposed to a range of different combustion temperatures.

Learn about the influence combustion temperature has on TOC determination in surface and wastewater, and how you can solve these and other challenges more quickly and conveniently.


It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD


Learn why total organic carbon (TOC) measurement is the safer, more reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD) measurement in wastewater analysis in this white paper.

Whitepaper "It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD"

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Surface water analysis

On a mission to protect our most important resource

Monitoring the water quality of inland waters such as lakes, rivers, streams and ponds or of coastal waters and seawater is important for maintaining our quality of life and health. In this context, environmental laboratories are often faced with the challenge of analyzing not only liquid samples but also solids, for example sediments or soil samples. The flexible extension of measurement results (TOC, TC, TIC, NPOC, DOC) to include simultaneous TNb determination using efficient EC cell technology or a modern, integrated chemiluminescence detector (CLD) is also a requirement we frequently encounter in our discussions. The advantage of the CLD is linearly calibrated, stable measured values, which greatly simplifies calibration and result evaluation. The previous solution in the form of space- and time-consuming second or third devices is not an option, especially in smaller laboratories.

Find out now how a flexible, space-saving and cost-effective single-device solution can make your daily laboratory routine more efficient and convenient.


enviro TOC

Fully automated environmental and wastewater analysis

enviro TOC is specifically designed to be easier to use, more flexible, accurate and simpler to maintain. enviro TOC is a customizable system for TOC/TNb analysis in environmental water and wastewater. It is a future-oriented, precise technological solution that is also more efficient and environmentally friendly, thanks to longer-life components and a user-oriented maintenance concept. Regardless of whether you’re analyzing water from rivers, lakes and seas, or managing water from public sources, manufacturing processes and wastewater, enviro TOC is the smart choice.

TOC analyzer enviro TOC for surface water and wastewater analysis

Measuring TOC is easy

Our Benefits

Let enviro TOC do it all for you

Fully automated environmental & wastewater analysis

The autosampler of the enviro TOC even enables unattended night operation with the highest precision. This is realized by the intuitive and innovative lyticOS® Software Suite. Optimized for unsupervised use, it actively assists you with self-diagnosis, automatic sleep and wake functions, visual guidance for maintenance tasks and full remote control functionality. This means you can rely on enviro TOC to provide the results you need when you need them and fits perfectly into a modern, high-throughput laboratory environment. For more information and to join our Elementar TOC Mission, click here.

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When you need to switch quickly to adapt to different sample types and parameters, enviro TOC has you covered. Fast conversion from liquids to solids in just a few minutes provides high flexibility and combustion temperatures of up to 1,200 °C crack even stable carbon compounds. If it’s lower temperatures you need, 700 °C for salt-containing samples can be defined. Learn more about the influence of the combustion temperature on TOC determination in our Application Note.

All of these features and more help enviro TOC fulfil our mission to make your environmental and wastewater analysis easier and more flexible. Contact our sales team for a personal consultation.

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TOC analyzer enviro TOC
enviro TOC in liquid mode with 60-positions autosampler
enviro TOC with autosampler for solid samples
enviro TOC in solid mode with up to 120-positions autosampler


enviro TOC’s high performance combustion provides accurate and dependable results every time. Rinsing functions for the needles on the autosampler and on the cleaning the tubes before the combustion unit minimize carryover, avoid sedimentation and contamination, providing even better data. This also increases the lifespan of the injection unit.  The lyticOS® software suite works just as hard, helping to provide precise results by minimizing potential errors from incorrect usage. Results are processed immediately, and the calibration procedure is simplified, which makes TOC analysis easier for every operator.

Get in touch with our team to experience how enviro TOC can make a real difference for you and your lab.



enviro TOC is a surface and wastewater analysis solution designed around you, the user. Most of the maintenance work can be performed without the need to consult a service engineer, thanks to video examples and clear explanations of procedures. Everything you need to know is covered by the ‘Elementar Academy’ – our user-centered training platform. enviro TOC’s unique maintenance concept goes a long way in providing you with greater piece of mind and achieving our aim to make your working life easier.

Find out more about enviro TOC from our sales team.



enviro TOC doesn’t just provide high performance surface and wastewater analysis, it does that while keeping costs low at the same time. While gas and consumables consumption depends on the mode of operation and sample material, enviro TOC provides lower cost per analysis across the board.

For example:

  • Regular rinsing with water keeps the wear of the injection needles and the 4-way valve low.
  • 2 ml of 10% H3PO4 is typically needed for TIC analysis.
  • 0.5 – 1 ml of 10% HCl is required for NPOC analysis.
  • 175 ml/min of synthetic air or oxygen is needed for regular analysis, plus 90 ml/min for purging in NPOC mode, TIC mode and for the autosampler rinsing function.

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enviro TOC autosampler needles


To keep your enviro TOC working as it should, we’re only a phone call, email or message away. Our dedicated global service team is there for you and your device, helping to ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance under all circumstances.

To increase the service life and functionality, we also offer customized maintenance contracts and certified consumables as well as high quality spare parts. Just get in touch if you need us.

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Experience enviro TOC in the laboratory

The right method for every application


Discover the best methods, useful hints and expert tips for your very specific applications in TOC analysis.

Whitepaper "It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD"
It's time to TOC - TOC vs. BOD & COD
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Front page of the Application Note
Influence of the combustion temperature on TOC determination in surface and wastewater samples
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Front page of the Application Note
TOC and TNb analysis of wastewater with the enviro TOC
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Front page of the Application Note
TOC analysis in surface water with the enviro TOC
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Front page of the Data Bulletin
Analysis of a 300 ppb TOC standard with the enviro TOC
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Front page of the Data Bulletin
Conducting the cellulose test with the enviro TOC
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Our mission: Your success

Providing greater measurement to make your working life easier

When it comes to accurately measuring TOC in environmental and wastewater, our mission is to make work as stress-free and efficient as possible for you. Contact us and learn how enviro TOC can make a real difference to your working life. Because enviro TOC combines proven functions with the new technology requirements of the industry - for the most convenient and resource-saving TOC and TNb determination in surface water and wastewater samples.

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