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Uncovering the elements
09-12 April 2024, analytica Munich
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Come and visit us at analytica 2024

You are interested in the composition of your samples? Come to our stand and discover how you can achieve fast and efficient results with our solutions in the fields of elemental analysis, TOC analysis, protein determination, optical emission spectrometry (OES) and stable isotope analysis (IRMS).

Come by, exchange ideas with us and discover your optimal solution for your applications in the fields of agriculture, chemistry, energy, forensics, environment and materials.

We cordially invite you to our stand in Hall 2, Stand 313.


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Elemental Analyzers

TOC analyzers


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We provide you with solutions for the high-performance analysis of organic and inorganic elements. In the areas of quality assurance and research & development, we support you with our flexible analyzers for precise CHNOS elemental analyses of organic and inorganic materials, simple TOC & TNb analyses of liquids and solids, time-saving nitrogen and protein determination, high-performance stable isotope analyses (IRMS) and mobile metal analyses using spark spectrometry (OES). With the help of our broad product portfolio, we will find the best solution for your application to make your day-to-day work easier. We are also on hand to answer your questions and help you with analytical challenges.

Elemental analyzers for CHNS and protein determination

UNICUBE®: Flexible, matrix-independent CHNS elemental analysis

  • Great sample flexibility for a wide range of element concentrations and sample weights, with options for oxygen and chlorine determination
  • Reliable, matrix-independent results even for samples that are usually difficult to combust
  • Excellent for the determination of hydrogen and sulfur including simultaneous CHNS analysis
  • High system uptime thanks to low-maintenance instrument design

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Organic elemental analyzer UNICUBE

rapid MAX N exceed: Protein analysis with maximum efficiency

  • Maximum sample flexibility for a wide range of sample matrices thanks to the upright crucible design and unique post-combustion technology
  • Simplified sample preparation due to large weighing ranges and sample volumes of up to 5 g / 5 ml
  • Highest sample throughput thanks to fast analysis (5 min) and low maintenance requirements
  • Lowest cost per analysis thanks to the use of EAS REGAINER® technology and argon as carrier gas (optionally available)


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Nitrogen and protein analyzer rapid MAX N exceed

rapid OXY cube®: the most reliable oxygen analysis

  • Unprecedented detection limit thanks to a highly sensitive and linear IR detector and a blank-free pyrolysis reactor
  • High-precision, reliable oxygen analysis thanks to a pyrolysis temperature of 1,500 °C for guaranteed matrix independence
  • A virtually indestructible pyrolysis reactor made of glassy carbon that can withstand up to ten thousand analyses and is inert to fluorinated samples
  • High ease of use due to tool-free maintenance, a liquid autosampler and unattended overnight measurements

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Oxygen analyzer rapid OXY cube

TOC analyzers

enviro TOC: Simple, fully automated analysis of solid and liquid samples

  • Highest sample flexibility in the analysis of liquid, solid and particle-containing samples thanks to the powerful combustion of up to 1,200 °C
  • Maximum sample throughput thanks to the fully automated autosampler, parallel rinsing and analysis functions and the easy-to-use lyticOS® instrument software
  • Carry-over-free analyses and precise results thanks to the fully automated autosampler with integrated purging functions
  • Long service life & low operating costs thanks to the unique SALTTRAP matrix separation system


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TOC analyzer enviro TOC

soli TOC® cube: Temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon in solids

  • Outstanding analytical performance with a limit of detection (LOD) of 10 ppm or < 15 μg

  • Fast, simple analyses in daily routine operation thanks to the fully automated autosampler with 89 positions and automatic ash removal

  • Extremely simple sample preparation thanks to crucible technology, which significantly minimizes the effort required for homogenization

  • Unsurpassed flexibility thanks to flexibly adjustable methods and simultaneous measurement of total nitrogen (TN) (optionally available)


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TOC analyzer soli TOC cube

Elemental analyzers and spark optical emission spectrometers for metals and inorganic materials

inductar® CS cube: Precise determination of carbon and sulfur in metals and inorganic materials

  • No need for tedious, noisy vacuum cleaning thanks to innovative crucibles and intelligent instrument design
  • Easy operation & low maintenance due to intuitive software and user-friendly, intelligent device design for daily routine operation
  • Reliable, unattended operation 24/7 thanks to a fully automated autosampler with 89 positions
  • Live process control with integrated camera "indulive" that allows the combustion process to be monitored directly


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C, S analyzer inductar CS cube

ferro.lyte®: Intuitive spark optical emission spectrometer for mobile metal analyses

  • Flexible on-site metal analysis and identification (PMI) with the lightest and most compact spark spectrometer of its kind thanks to the innovative all-in-one concept
  • Simple, intuitive user interface ensures fast navigation through instrument settings and workflows
  • Analysis of nitrogen in duplex and light elements in laboratory quality thanks to the innovative CONLYTE® technology
  • Reliable results and easy reporting at the touch of a button via USB, WLAN, LAN or Bluetooth


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Mobile spectrometer ferro.lyte®

Mass spectrometer for stable isotope analysis

isoprime precisION: Flexible, high-performance isotope ratio mass spectrometer

  • Exceptional flexibility: Full integration of all inlet systems, including newly developed inlets
  • High sensitivity: Analyze the most challenging samples thanks to the exceptional sensitivity of the ion source
  • Minimal footprint: Almost 50 % smaller than other commercially available isotope ratio mass spectrometers
  • High data quality: Achieve the highest analytical performance with the most accurate IRMS system on the market


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Isotope ratio mass spectrometer isoprime precisION

All about trends and news

Continuous innovation, creative solutions and comprehensible support form the basis of the Elementar brand. We want to ensure that our products continue to contribute to scientific progress and economic growth in the fields of agriculture, chemistry, environment, energy, materials and forensics in over 80 countries.

Our products are part of the megatrends: 

Alternative proteins - biochar - recycled pyrolysis oil - renewable energies - battery material ( lithium-ion...) - carbon sequestration - green cement - forensics: determination of (organic or inorganic) origin - our analyzers can be used everywhere.

Let's talk about the future together!

Plant-based proteins

In the food industry, the determination of protein content is an essential tool for quality control, research & development, process monitoring and food labeling. This is particularly important in the development and scaling up of the production of alternative proteins. A wide variety of ways and means are being used to find answers to major global challenges such as climate change and food security. Ultimately, what they all have in common is that the protein content must be determined and monitored. With our elemental analyzers, we offer the right technology for this.

Our customers are companies, laboratories and institutes across the entire spectrum of food analysis. We have found that the simplicity, safety and, above all, environmental friendliness of our combustion method according to DUMAS is a decisive factor for customers in the field of alternative proteins. In addition, the versatility of samples (liquid / solid, high / low weights) and the simple maintenance of the devices without tools are essential.

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Chemical recycling

The emergence of chemical recycling processes that convert plastic waste back into oil represents a major breakthrough in the fight against the plastic waste problem. However, recycled oil (often referred to as pyrolysis oil) has slightly different properties to fossil crude oil. High concentrations of heteroatoms (i.e. sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen) in recycled feedstock are undesirable as they can poison catalysts or cause corrosion in refinery units.

To ensure that the recycled oil is suitable for further processing into new chemicals, new plastic products or fuels, its content of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur (CHNOS) must be measured.

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Plastic Material

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