Harvested peas
 Peas on a conveyor belt
Food chemist in the laboratory
Plant-based burger patties on a conveyor belt
Packaged, plant-based meat
Plant to Plate
Nitrogen and protein analysis along the whole production chain of plant-based food
Crop analysis
Monitor changes in the protein content of crops
Inbound goods inspection
Test the quality of incoming goods
Evaluate product properties and how process optimizations will effect the end product
Production control & upscaling
Implement quality control procedures and production process optimizations that will increase output
Outgoing goods control & labeling
Ensure product consistency and correct labeling
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Next level nitrogen and protein analysis

Grow your plant-based protein business with our analytical solutions

Nitrogen and protein determination is an essential step in the development and production of plant-based food products. But time-consuming sample preparation, long analysis procedures, difficult to handle instruments, and tedious maintenance work can be a real bottleneck in nitrogen and protein analysis - especially when you have a lot of samples to be analyzed. The result: your R&D and quality control departments do not work as efficiently as they could, unnecessarily slowing down the production process of your plant-based protein products. It doesn't have to be that way!

Let us help you grow your business

Our mission is your success. Incorporating 125 years of experience in elemental analysis, we support agricultural and food production businesses world-wide in creating high quality foods. Let our Dumas combustion analyzers bring your nitrogen and protein analysis to the next level, supporting process optimization and growth of your business. Learn how.

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On-demand Webinar

"Accelerating alternative protein innovation in the lab"

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The development of alternative proteins and foods depends on innovative technologies in the lab. This panel discussion in cooperation with The Future of Protein Production, recorded on April 30th, 2024 highlights the challenges of developing alternative proteins at the laboratory level and addresses some of the key technologies that will help increase efficiency in production and accelerate the development of new protein sources.

We invite you to watch the recording.

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Your benefits

Take your nitrogen and protein analysis to the next level - with analyzers from Elementar

Flexible: Analysis along the whole supply chain

Perform nitrogen and protein analysis along the whole supply chain of plant-based food in a wide range of sample matrices - whether it's solid, liquid, or pasty samples up to 5 g sample weight.

Cost-effective: Lowest cost per sample

Thanks to the resource-saving EAS REGAINER® technology and the use of Argon or CO2 as alternative carrier gases, our analyzers are especially cost-effective, making you independent of raising helium prices.

Eco-friendly: No toxic chemicals, low on resources

Thanks to the Dumas combustion method and our EAS REGAINER® technology, our analyzers are eco-friendly and resource-saving. Operation is easy and non-hazardous - even for unskilled users.

Easy to use: Fully automated and digitized

Nitrogen and protein analysis has never been easier: Our analyzers are fully automated and digitized, allowing you to save time and labor. In addition, pre-filled tubes and easily accessible components ensure quick and easy maintenance routines.


Learn how protein analysis supports crop growers and plant-based food producers and discover the advantages of developing this capacity in-house in this guide.

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Our solution

Maximum performance for plant-based protein analysis

Our nitrogen and protein analyzers rapid MAX N exceed and rapid N exceed® provide rapid and automated nitrogen and protein determination with highest precision and accuracy - ideal for the use along the whole food supply chain, from raw ingredients to end products. Based on high-temperature combustion according to Dumas (compliant to all relevant norms like ISO, AOAC, AOCS, ASBC, ICC, EBC, etc.), our analyzers are especially eco-friendly and safe to work with as no toxic chemicals are used and no toxic waste is produced. Thanks to our resource-saving EAS REGAINER® Technology, our analyzers ensure a cost-effective and eco-friendly nitrogen and protein determination in your solid, pasty, or liquid samples. Click on the "+" buttons below to learn how you can benefit from our analytical solutions.

Nitrogen and protein analyzers rapid MAX N exceed and rapid N exceed
Maximum performance, fully automated

rapid MAX N exceed

The rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer offers increased laboratory efficiency at significant lower price per sample. Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, this analyzer addresses the needs of any high-throughput laboratory facing a wide range of sample types and weights (up to 5 g).

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Lowest cost per sample

rapid N exceed®

The rapid N exceed® nitrogen and protein analyzer offers fast (3-4 minutes) and cost-effective nitrogen and protein determination of samples up to 1.5 g. The instrument realizes the lowest cost per sample in nitrogen and protein analysis and stands for absolute precision and high detection sensitivity.

Flyer rapid N exceed
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Experience rapid MAX N exceed in the laboratory


Discover the fast and automated way of nitrogen and protein analysis of plant-based protein food

Learn in this Application Note how our nitrogen and protein analyzers support your plant-based food business in every step of the supply chain, delivering reliable measurement results fast - no matter which sample type or size. The Application Note includes analysis data from real samples, including protein powder from soy, pea, hemp, and rice; oat milk, as well as cheese, sausage, and meat analogues.

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Fast and automated N/protein analysis of plant based protein food
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What our customers say

Dr Lee with the rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer
Beyond Meat
"The short run time, ease of loading and high mass loading ability enable us to rapidly analyze materials with minimal prep work. Additionally, Elementar has been extremely helpful and responsive to resolve any issues we’ve had."
The team of Plantible Foods with their rapid N exceed nitrogen/protein analyzer
Plantible Foods
"We previously used Elementar and found the maintenance and ease of use of the instruments attractive. The autosampler allows for continuous analysis of samples and the CO2 mobile phase is very cost-effective over traditional helium and argon systems."
AVEBE headquarters in Veendam, Netherlands
"A real plus point are the precise measurement results in protein determination obtained by the rapid MAX N exceed. These are repeatedly confirmed by the measurement with the standards L-tryptophan and L-glutamic acid, and in ring tests with our parent company in the Netherlands. In addition, employees in the laboratory benefit from the short analysis time, and the significantly lower effort for protein determination compared to the Kjeldahl method."

Learn how our solutions support plant-based food businesses


Download our Customer Spotlights and learn how Beyond Meat creates better plant-based products, how Plantible Foods optimized their plant-based production methods, and how protein determination and quality control at AVEBE were facilitated using our nitrogen and protein analyzers.

Title page of the Beyond Meat Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: Beyond Meat
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Title page of the Plantible Foods Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: Plantible Foods
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Title page of the AVEBE Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: AVEBE
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If you would like to follow our customers and start your own success story now, please don't hesitate to contact us.

From plant to plate: Nitrogen and protein analysis along the whole food production process


Our nitrogen and protein analyzers are simple to use and deliver results quickly, meaning that agricultural businesses can monitor changes in the protein content of crops in order to optimize growing conditions - without incurring delays by sending samples to a laboratory.

Harvested peas

For producers of plant-based foods, the protein content of incoming crops and goods is a vital consideration in maximizing output and maintaining product consistency. The high throughput and small sample requirements of our nitrogen and protein analyzers make quality control simpler than ever for inbound goods.

Peas on a conveyor belt

Our nitrogen and protein analyzers offer fast, low-cost analysis and enable testing at high volumes and unattended operation. Thanks to these capabilities, research and development teams have more freedom to experiment, while using data to monitor how process optimizations will affect the end product, or to evaluate the properties of new products.

Food chemist in the laboratory

Nitrogen and protein analysis serves to highlight any inefficiencies in your production practices that are affecting the final protein content of your product, or that limit your output. Our nitrogen and protein analyzers can be used at any stage of the production process, not only because it offers fast and low-cost analysis at high volumes, but because you do not need to be an expert in technical analysis in order to use it. This allows you to implement effective quality control procedures and production process optimizations that will increase output.

Plant-based burger patties on a conveyor belt

Product consistency is key, not only to meet customer expectations, but for legal compliance. The simplicity with which you can obtain accurate results from our nitrogen and protein analyzers offers reassurance in outgoing goods control and helps businesses to meet the legal requirements for reporting nutritional information.

Packaged, plant-based meat

Our mission: your success

At Elementar, our mission is your success. We help you to support the quality of life whenever nutrition, water, health, education, environment, climate, energy, or product quality are involved. We make life understandable in its elements. Constantly. Simply.

We aim to provide you with the best solution for your applicational needs. To achieve this, we are constantly working on innovations and strive for the highest quality. In addition, we attach great importance to comprehensive customer support and pursue a strong sustainable approach – in ecological as well as economic terms. This is reflected in the use of high-quality materials for longest lifetime of our instruments, in our headquarters, which follows a sustainable construction and energy concept, and also in a business model that ensures our long-term success.  

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