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BiovisION Honey vs competitors in honey fraud detection

The honey industry has been handed a highly effective new tool in the ongoing fight against honey adulteration and fraud.

BiovisION Honey, the newest food quality analysis platform from Elementar, combines high-level performance with ease of use and cost-effectiveness that cannot be matched elsewhere. It has been exclusively developed for detecting common sugar adulterants added to honey, as well as for identifying the geographic origins of honey samples to prevent fraudulent mislabelling.

We have designed BiovisION Honey specifically to address many of the key issues that users face when carrying out honey analysis, with an emphasis on automated functionality, limited downtime and durable performance. As such, it is able to outperform many of its established rivals in the honey analysis market on a number of key metrics.

In order to provide a clear illustration of the benefits that BiovisION Honey can provide for your laboratory, we’ve created a downloadable poster that highlights the key functions of our new system, as well as a head-to-head comparison of its performance points against a leading competitor product.

Click below to view the poster in full, and find out more about the transformative impact that BiovisION Honey could have on your honey analysis work. If you’d like more information about BiovisION Honey, visit our dedicated product page, or get in touch with Elementar on 01614883660 or at info-uk@elementar.com.

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Poster BiovisION Honey vs. competitors
How BiovisION Honey outperforms its rivals in honey fraud detection
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