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that IRMS reveals impacts of fracking on the environment.
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Should the UK adopt fracking?

Investigating the potential of fracking in the UK

Britain’s energy problems are reaching a crucial phase, as the latest data available from the Digest of UK Energy Statistics indicates that the nation is importing fuel at the same rate as it did during the energy crisis in the 1970s. As such, this whitepaper aims to investigate the potential of fracking as a possible solution.

There are vast, untapped reserves of shale rock at Britain’s disposal, which are only accessible by fracking and would ensure the UK remains an energy-independent nation. However, fracking is fraught with pitfalls, including environmental concerns about the practice.

Fracking is a challenging proposition with arguments for and against it, but how is the UK to proceed? Download our whitepaper for more information.

Whitepaper download

Whitepaper "Should the UK adopt fracking?"
Whitepaper: Should the UK adopt fracking

What will you learn from this whitepaper?

  • This whitepaper gives an overview of fracking.
  • It discusses the arguments for and against fracking.
  • It questions whether fracking in the UK is inevitable or whether these fossil fuels should remain unexploited.
  • Finally, it proposes a future where fracking might contribute to the UK energy mix with strong environmental safeguarding provided by stable isotope analysis (IRMS).
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