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    Evidence or Conjecture?


A complete solution for sports doping, archaeology and criminal forensics

Stable isotope analysis is utilized in many different applications, but the underlying question it answers remains broadly the same: where do things come from? The AnthrovisION was developed to answer many of the most pressing queries of this type that society has.

Where did this athlete’s testosterone come from? Where did the ancient Egyptians source their food? Where is the clandestine laboratory that manufactured these illegal drugs? These and many more questions can be answered when stable isotope analysis is used to pick out hidden information found in the relevant samples.

Exceptional, robust performance, combined with simplicity and powerful audit trails, makes AnthrovisION the ideal choice for high-profile laboratories working in these highly regulated and sensitive domains.

Minimal footprint

AnthrovisION is almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer on the market, meaning it provides a winning balance of form and function.

Ease of use

AnthrovisION’s straightforward analysis and intelligent control features make it one of the easiest solutions of its kind to use. Its powerful IonOS Peak Mapping capabilities reduce the duration of data analyses to minutes, rather than hours, generating a large increase in lab productivity; additionally, its Good-For-Go control technology allows instrument setup to be completed with a single click, significantly reducing handling time.

Advanced data analysis

AnthrovisION delivers cutting-edge analytical capabilities for laboratories, offering:

  • 100V amplification for large dynamic range samples

  • a market-leading furnace design, providing long-term robust sample analysis

  • sophisticated stable isotope data processing software that represents the most powerful suite ever created for this application

Low cost of ownership

AnthrovisION is optimized for maximum cost-effectiveness, complete with instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources.

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AnthrovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope analysis in Sports Science,
Criminal Forensics and Archaeology and comprises of these modules:

  • isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer
  • centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
  • ionOS® AnthrovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing
  • Agilent 7890B GC with GC5 furnace for δ13C isotope analysis
  • Agilent 7693 autosampler turret for up to 16 samples
Icon Kleine Abmessung

Small Footprint

Almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer

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Good-For-Go control allows one click instrument set-up

Icon Fortschrittliche Datenanalyse

Advanced Data Analysis

The most powerful stable isotope data processing software ever created

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Low Cost of Ownership

Instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources