30.04.2019 - News Elementar

Announcing ionOS 4.0

Our new version of ionOS for IRMS instrumentation is now available for download!

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System Monitor Log

System Monitor Log

We are proud to announce that a new version of ionOS is now available for download. To ensure that as much of the stable isotope community are able to take advantage of these innovative new features, ionOS 4.0 is available for download by all users of isoprime visION & isoprime precisION instruments as well as ionOS data processing licensees free of charge.

A major new feature set for ionOS 4.0 is the concept of "sample loss prevention". This concept has been developed in order to give uses better quality control and to protect precious samples in case of the instrument being outside of acceptable performance limits. For example, if an instrument fails its monitoring gas stability or lineariy checks during a sample acquisition it can pause the task list to prevent subsequent samples being analyzed, or simply raise the issue as a warning whilst continuing the analysis. Users are able to define their own parameters and behaviour to their preference. 

To support this feature, we have also developed the new "Method Log". This makes it simple to see at a glance the status of the instrument by showing the last time that critical instrument checks were performed and whether the performance was satisfactory. This provides a system status report which can be printed and archived so that labs can record base performance over time. 

As well as this, there are numerous improvements to all areas of ionOS to give improved useability, functionality and stability. You can find out about all of these changes by reading the ionOS 4.0 release notes.

ionOS 4.0 has been rigorously and successfully tested through our Early Release Program and delivers substantial improvements to all users. We therefore highly recommend that all users upgrade at your earliest convenience to take advantage of these new features.

If your instrument PC is connected to the internet, ionOS will automatically detect the new version and alert the user to download the new version. For customers which are not connected to the internet, ionOS 4.0 can be downloaded manually from your log-in area of the Elementar support site. Click here to go to the support site