07.10.2020 a 08.10.2020
Lyon, France

Forum Labo Lyon 2020

Le salon des fournisseurs de matériels et Services pour le Laboratoire più

08.10.2020 a 09.10.2020
Lausanne, France

ILMAC 2020

Platform for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology più

19.10.2020 a 22.10.2020
Munich, Germany

analytica 2020

27th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and analytica conference più

29.10.2020 a 31.10.2020
Parma, Italy


The reference fair for the manufacturing industry più

12.11.2020 a 14.11.2020
Istanbul, Turkey


15th International Iron - Steel and Foundry Technology, Machinery and Products Trade fair più

23.11.2020 a 27.11.2020
Bilbao, Spain

ADDIT3D 2020

International Trade Show on additive and 3D Manufacturing più

01.12.2020 a 04.12.2020
Barcelona, Spain

Expoquimia 2020

The International Chemistry Event più

04.05.2021 a 07.05.2021
Stuttgart, Germany

Control 2020

International trade fair for Quality assurance più

20.06.2021 a 26.06.2021
Gaming, Austria

IsoEcol 2021

12th International Conference on the Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies più