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Defy your limits of protein analysis
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Ex-Seeding expectations

Get a glimpse of what our protein analyzers can do for you

Elementar’s rapid N exceed® and rapid MAX N exceed provide precise and accurate analyses of protein and nitrogen according to the Dumas combustion method.

Their innovative features include:

  • Up to 2,000 runs without changing the EAS REDUCTOR®
  • More than 300 runs per day
  • Correct data due to post-combustion
  • Easy maintenance
rapid N exceed and rapid MAX N exceed

What our customers say

Still need convincing? Hear directly from our customers at JM Lord about how the rapid MAX N exceed changed the game for their organization.


Learn how JM Lord runs 16 times more samples with the rapid MAX N exceed

Title page of the JM Lord Customer Spotlight
Customer Spotlight: JM Lord, Inc.

JM Lord Inc will be bringing excellence in elements to our clients just as Elementar has done for us with the rapid MAX N exceed.

Thai Mouanoutoua, Lab Manger at JM Lord Inc.


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N/protein analysis of liquid food products
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Dumas analysis in milk products
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High precision nitrogen and protein analysis in beer brewing
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Setting a new standard in protein analysis

Quicker, more precise, gentler on the environment. The rapid N exceed and rapid MAX N exceed set new standards in Dumas protein analysis.
Not only do these analyzers stand for perfect precision and powerful evidence - thanks to the patented EAS REGAINER® technology, they also dramatically reduce the cost of analysis.

High sample throughput

The rapid N exceed and rapid MAX N exceed enable speedy evaluation of samples, with processing times of 4-5 minutes and over 300 routine analyses per day.

Gentle on resources

The rapid N exceed uses CO2 as carrier gas, bringing down the amount of reduction metals used and the need for maintenance.

Reliable results

The rapid N exceed and rapid MAX N exceed use catalytic afterburning technology to obtain exact results even from difficult samples or in unattended serial measurements.

Extremely long-lived

With their 10-year guarantee, the rapid N exceed and rapid MAX N exceed set new standards concerning the maintenance-free of crucial parts.


Not sure which analyzer is right for you?

Download this infographic to learn about the similarities and differences between the rapid N exceed and the rapid MAX N exceed protein analyzers.

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Protein analyzers from Elementar in comparison
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